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Nothing breaks my heart more than to see my Rat Terrier Jada with doggie allergies. Her eyes and her belly would get red and sometimes she would break out in hives. Sometimes the hives would get so bad that she would scratch herself to the point to where she was breaking the skin in her armpits and her neck and her poor little belly. I orginally thought that she was allergic to grass because everytime I would take her to my dad's house and she would play in his back yard, she would pay the price for a week. Benadryl would help, but it was not giving her the instant relief so that she would stop scratching long enough to allow herself to heal.

Aside from the benadryl, I tried cooling sprays (which she hated) and a few other products that did not bring her any relief. I searched the internet and found a oinment called Goodwinol. It said it was used to treat mange and other dog skin irritations. So I found the ointment on Amazon and thought I would give it a try. The next time she had a breakout, I tried the ointment. I was suprised on how quickly it worked!! She immediately stopped scratching and her hives were cleared within a day! Since then, I always keep a little jar just in case.

My boss had a mini poodle who had a problem with his rectum. He would scratch his little bottom on the carpet until it was raw. When my boss took her little baby to the vet, it was found he had a condition that caused him all that discomfort. The vet did treat the condition, but her baby needed relief so that he would not scratch anymore. I told her about the oitment and how well it worked for my Jada. She decided to give it a try and said that it worked wonderfully and he stopped scratching and was able to heal.

The reason I am sharing this, is because I hated to see my baby Jada suffer. She looked so miserable and it just broke my heart to see those sad puppy eyes. I am so happy I found this ointment and feel that every dog owner who has a dog or puppy experiencing skin irritations rather they are mild or full blown hives, this stuff really works!! And it works fast!!
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