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Hey guys.

Today I woke up and I caressed my dog as I always do. She yelped. I thought I accidentally squeezed her too hard so I didn't bother.

Later I went to shower and she yelped as she climbed on the bed. I thought it could be something on her paw, but there was nothing. I caressed her face and noticed these small lumps underneath her jaw. I pressed them gently and she yelped.

I called the vet but she was sick, so she said she'd call me later.

Meanwhile I didn't touch my dog on the jaw anymore and I started panicking, thinking it could be lymphoma.

She was acting normally and ate/drank water just fine. Her bark was pitchier than normal, and I thought it was because of the lumps.

I took her to the vet at noon and she said she didn't think it was lymphoma at all, but she asked for a blood test.

Since it was late already, the place where you can do those tests was closed, so this is the first thing I'm doing tomorrow morning.

I came back home and she ate dinner. I noticed her feces were a bit mushy. I also noticed that she started yelping randomly. I was walking around the house and she has the habit of following me everywhere. She would yelp at times, but I looked at her and found nothing. Tonight I was sitting here on my computer and she was lying down. She moved and yelped. Then did it again, and again. And I started panicking because I don't know what's going on with her.

I called the vet again and she came over. She gave her an injection to reduce pain and also asked me to give her another shot in the morning.

I'm currently living with my grandparents, but they are away traveling, so I'm basically alone. I had to call my parents because I was seriously scared. When my dad got here, he noticed that she'd yelp every time she moved her head, so he thinks that it may be only a kink in neck (? sorry, English isn't my first language).

I'm hoping so too, but at this point I wanted to share with you this experience, keep you updated since this could help someone and also ask if anyone went through something similar?

Sorry for the long post but I wanted to keep it as detailed as possible.
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