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Hello everyone,

I am hoping you could help me figure out what's going on with my dog. It seems as though it's one thing after another and I feel really bad for her!! We take really good care of her but it always seems that it's something.

I am finding that when I scratch my dog, she has tiny pimple like bumps here and there underneath her coat.. But worse, I now see she has scaly bald patches near the base of her tail, her vulva and worse on the back of her her hind legs. I was thinking maybe this was caused by scooting when she tries to catch the frisbee and doesn't make it in time (she takes frisbee serious lol and runs really fast - almost skidding out) but I doubt the base of her tail would be like that. She also bites at her paws here and there so not sure what's going on. It's not all the time but enough to notice.

The patches aren't red or anything. I have changed her to Big Country Raw for the past 8 weeks. She was mostly eating the pure turkey formula but recently added in the Turkey dinner which includes fruits, vegetables and beef organ. Do you think this could be a food or environmental allergy? If so, what should I do? I'm really trying not to take her to the vet if it's not required. Recently, the vet has been breaking my bank.

One thing I find strange is that both my dads dog and my sisters dog (both separate households) have the same thing happening but my sister took her dog to the vet and was told it was most likely a food allergy. My dog hasn't been around either dog in weeks. She also had this strange red circle sore underneath on her stomach that has cleared up - a pic is attached of this as well. Could it be allergies, or obsessive licking from boredom (my dog has lots of toys to play with but I think she gets bored during the day) or allergies?? Any ideas?

I'm not sure if this helps but about 4 weeks ago, the vet gave me an antibiotic spray to spray on my dogs vulva to prevent infection as she licked at it until it was slightly raw. Perhaps this could be irritating it?

Thanks in advance everyone!


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