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Hi there! I'm not sure if this is allowed so if it's not, please feel free to delete :).

I introduced Milo here a few months ago and got some great feedback on potty training the little guy. He's doing much better and he just turned one year old. We had a puppy party for him at a "Canine Cantina" in town.

We live in Texas and I heard about this fun contest. The Texas Lottery is holding a contest for the pictures they will use for their new Dog Vs. Cat scratch offs. I entered Milo (because I can't resist showing people how adorable he is) and would love if anyone has some free time to vote for the little dude. You don't have to register or anything, you just have to be logged into Facebook to vote and to see his entry. There's some tough competition so he needs all the votes he can get!

You can also vote once a day until Nov. 25 so if you stumble across this post again, feel free to vote multiple times :). :thumbsup:

Has anyone else had a dog win a fun/random contest like this?


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