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Dog vomits after eating turkey neck

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Chester has eaten raw turkey necks on three occasions now. He chews them quite carefully. The first time, I gave him half a neck (the top half). He loved it and had absolutely no issues. No vomiting, no gastric distress.

The second time I also gave him half a neck, although it was the bottom half so the bones were bigger. He vomited once that night, a bit of yellow bile with some type of plastic wrapper in it. I wasn't sure if the turkey neck was entirely responsible for this because of 1) the plastic and 2) I didn't see any bone fragments in the vomit.

The third time (yesterday) I gave him an entire neck. Early this morning he threw up 4 or 5 times. Yellow bile with several small (less than peanut-sized) pieces of bone.

Did I progress to an entire neck too quickly? Could it be that the thicker bones at the base of the neck are causing issues?

Any thoughts and advice appreciated!
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It sounds like he just ate too much too fast. Being that it was only his third time to eat a neck, which is a lot of bone, his body just hasn't adjusted to digesting that much bone at once. He will get better about it as he goes along. Just be sure he's chewing rather than gulping.
Thanks, naturalfeddogs! I had a feeling I'd hear from you :). I'll go back to half necks for a while. He's a careful chewer, so that's good.
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My dogs will vomit bone fragments sometimes if they have something a little too bony and with denser bones. I'd just back down a little and let his body adjust.
My dog didn't like chicken, it made her spew.

Try feeding just chicken flesh (or turkey, I see it was turkey you fed) to see if your dog handles it. Then try feeding some other kind of bone, like an oxtail or a pork chop bone or a pork rib. Narrow down what's doing it.
I have a bag of chicken necks in the freezer, haven't been ready to give them a go yet. I was warned that they'd likely throw up/diarrhea the first time they had it, so sounds pretty normal.
They don't all throw up and get runny poops from it, but occasionally some do. Usually from overfeeding or eating too fast. Some bodies just adjust to it quicker than others.
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