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Dog Training Flooring

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Hey everyone!

So, now that we have the house (!) I am getting ready to get the training studio all set up. The basement is perfect for it, so that's where I'll be working with clients and hopefully running classes.

With that in mind, it is an unfinished basement, so it's more or less a blank slate. I want to put in some nice rubber flooring so that I can do some jump training, and general rough-housing/training without a ton of concern about my dogs/client's dogs. It would also be a plus for puppies that can't quite hold it. :)

With that in mind, I would love to hear your experiences at places you train/compete and what kind of flooring they have. The current place I work has HORRIBLE, thin, crappy mats. It's fine for obedience, but not for jumping.
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You might want to look at the rubber flooring they use in hockey rinks. Super durable, easy to mop clean, slightly cushy.
Ditto the rubber flooring, the place I train at has that type of flooring.
Yep, the agility place that I visit has an area for training obedience and rally, and it's also where they do some of their agility classes there, and it's a rubber flooring, and everyone really likes it.

I just checked their site, but sadly they don't give any more details about the specifics of the flooring, just that they got it from On Deck Sports. Unfortunately, their site doesn't give a lot of info about what they offer. Rubber Flooring | Products | On Deck Sports

I'm wondering if trying some tiles like this: Training Ground with Nike Grind 2 ft. x 2 ft. Rubber Sports Flooring (36 sq. ft. / case)-152731 - The Home Depot might be a good starting option? Those are a quarter of an inch thick, which isn't amazingly thick, but maybe a good place to start? Since they're tiles, you can easily take them up if you're not crazy about it.

Otherwise there's who is offering free samples. I'm not sure if that would apply still in Canada, but it might be worth a shot, and they offer a variety of thicknesses.

Good luck! So exciting that you're getting to really plan! :D
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