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Dog Suddenly Pulling Me & Jerking When We're Outside

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She is just over a year old, and we got her on Christmas. As I've posted before, she has some behavioral problems and we've had a trainer here to help. I talk her out to do her business in the back yard. We have a small patch of woods in the back, behind our lawn. For the last week or so she pulls (really hard) towards the woods. She makes it extremely difficult on me as she attempts to dart across the lawn or into the woods. I plan to get a harness type leash, but when I say she's pulling, I mean pulling. This lab has pulled me into things and caused bruising as well. I notice she'll start to pull up the grass with her front paws after I don't let her get away. Almost like a digging, but in a frustrated way. She also refuses to come back inside, by doing a jerking motion over and over again as we approach the door. I had to physically carry a 70 lb lab inside my house today. I am out of money for trainers. I am out of will. I'm just getting angry now. Please help. My kids love this dog.
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I know how frustrating it can be. Labradors can be very stubborn. Is there something in the woods that gets him excited?
I would like to tell you that the harness would work but it won't. Harnesses actually instigate the pulling. What you need is a thin leash/collar so he will feel the tug when you pull him. The trick is to not pull him back but sideways.
I suggest that you carry a ball or a kong that's filled with treats/peanut butter so when he starts to pull and tugging him doesn't work. Distract him with it and pull him away from the area.

Good luck!
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A harness actually can help you in this situation. However you have to be careful to choose a harness that has the leash clip in the front/chest area. The Gentle Leader might be a good option. If you get a harness that clips on the dogs back, it will only make the pulling worse.

A harness won't train your dog to stop pulling, but it will make any pulling easier to handle, because they won't have as much pulling power in a front clip harness.

As a start with training, whenever your dog starts to pull, walk in the opposite direction and only walk forward when your dog has a loose leash. You will probably walk back and fourth so much you'll get dizzy, but eventually your dog will get it. Be sure to reward with awesome treats when the dog is not pulling.
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