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Hi All,
Bit of an explanation - we have 2 rescues, females, one a 30lb beagle mix (5 years, Daphne), one a 75lb shepherd/staff mix (4.5 years, Delilah), had both since the were pups.
They get on ok, but noone could ever describe them as best friends. The beagle has a Napoleon complex and the poor shep is very neurotic, possibly because of the beagle ;-)
We've had them on a raw diet for around 3 years and they used to LOVE it, and seemed very healthy. They would definitely waste no time lapping up the food as soon as it hit the ground.
Recently though, Delilah has stopped eating. First it was the raw, so we put her back on kibble, and now she's stopping with that.
We're very patient with her, and after a little cajoling, she will eat - but to have to sit with her and encourage her, seems very strange and not to mention it's time-consuming.
We're not sure if she's depressed, or what exactly is up. This has been happening for a few weeks now. She has absolutely no problem with treats (pork bone treats, dog jerky) and she has a twinkle in her eye if we offer treats, go walking or play with her ball.
It's feeding time that is really perplexing.

Has anyone encountered a similar situation?

We have contemplated taking the bowl away after 30 minutes and have tried it a few times, but it has resulted in her going to bed without a meal, then she behaves the same way at breakfast, so it's really confusing....

We do not buy cheap dog food - on top of the expensive raw food, the kibble is science diet and even raw meaty bones, dog bone broth are getting the cold shoulder if they are in her bowl. She sits by the bowl looking like she wants to protect it, but shows no interest in eating without encouragement.

Any advice appreciate - we are perplexed.

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