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Dog suddenly forgot good behavior

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Hi there!

Sorry for my language in advance, english is not my native language.

Anyways, im struggling with my dog theese days, and im hoping its just because its spring and lots of the females in the neighboorhood is in heat.

(Hes 2 1/2 year, mix of unknown races, but i think theres quite some Rhodesian ridgeback in him)


Since he was little, ive always trained him to do the "right" things + simple obidience like sit, stay, come and all that normal stuff.
But latelly, kinda since we moved from our old house, its like everything he learned slowly just slips away and i dont like the path this is heading.

When were out for walk, he suddenly starts to pull and act all stubborn, he refuses to come, and when were in a hurry and just have to run from A to B, i feel like i sometimes have to drag him along when he locks up.
At home he does listen. But, before when i used to tell him to leave the kitchen and stop begging for food for example, when i make food, he used to leave and stay out untill i let him in the kitchen again.
Now it goes on and on and on with the begging and he sneaks inside like 30 sek/1 min later.
This also goes when it comes to visiting other people, he simply wont listen at all.
Hes a big dog, and when hes all up in peoples faces and wont leave when they tell him too, i used to be able to just call hes name and ask him to sit by my side.
Now its like he pretends he doesnt listen and takes way to mutch space all the time in social settings, i always end up having to raise my voice a bit or get up and fetch him

Kinda embarassing, and i dont know what to do anymore with him. I love him o so mutch, and i feel like ive brought him up good and SUDDENLY its like i never thought him anything.
People used to love when i brought him along, but now they kinda are scared because he wont leave them alone and takes way too mutch attention, so it kinda just end up with me having to controll my dog more than talking to my friends. Everyone used to ask me wich class ive went to, because he had such a good behavior,
Hes not agressive, thank god, only way to mutch loving.

Would also like to add that sometimes he acts as if ive beaten him (wich ive never done!), because when theres people around he sometimes run towards them with tail between hes legs and looks scared at me refusing to come to me. He even sometimes whelp really loud, wich is even more embarassing, and i have no idea where all this comes from.

We usually start the day with 30 min walk, at noon we powerwalk for 45min-1hour, and usually a walk/jog for 30 min before bed. He also gets to run freely from time to time when we have the chance.

Ive also noticed hes "Pleasuring" himself alot, ALOT.
The vet also says theres nothing wrong with him.
Im wery consistent with my training, could he feel like other people are more "slack", therefore more "fun"? Because belive me, i give him so mutch love as well

What do i do? Is it just testosteron and spring?
I feel like he doesnt love me at all sometimes to be honest:confused:
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I heard from some people around with different bigger sized breeds that dogs make another jump in their maturation when they're around 2,5-3 years and that they started to act more "like their breed" and less like a adolenscent dog.
You could say they grow into their own personality.
I heard this was especially the case with hunting dogs, that started showing ambitions to hunt after they were fully grown at around 2-3 years.
this could be a reason why his behaviour changed a bit.

make sure to train obedience with him a lot and train appropiate behaviour around people.
try to find a violence-free, reward-based working trainer and perhaps finding a some kind of sport would be good to...perhaps nose-work could be fun for your dog.
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