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When Chisum was younger, he had some major problems with resource guarding, especially food. We started feeding him in a separate room for that reason. He's better now, but not perfect, and he is a glutton so he would try to steal the other dogs' food if given the chance - so he is still fed separately (the other two can and do eat in the same area).

We used to feed him in our exercise room. He did really well there until about two months ago, when he started having panic attacks if left alone in there and wouldn't eat unless we opened the door. To be fair, when we go places this is the room he is confined to, so it made sense he might not be the happiest in there.

Then I started to feed him up in my room instead. He did well until about a couple of weeks ago, and now he increasingly is unable to eat when he's alone in there - he cries and howls and doesn't touch his food until I return.

This may be the start of separation anxiety, and I'd love to head it off if possible - so any tips? He's honestly not left alone very often and I've never set up a camera or anything so I'm not sure how he reacts when he is alone. All I can say is that he's not destructive.

I'm not totally sure on the most ideal way to feed him, but I can figure that out - I just don't want to deal with too much SA if possible, because I know that can be harder to deal with if it goes too far.
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