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about 4-5 weeks ago, I noticed my dog with a tense stomach and when i touch it, he cries out and attempts to bite me which is not normal. He would sometimes shake and pants. We thought perhaps it could be constipation and tried giving him canned pumpkin which didn't help much. He poops some days. We tried walking him and noticed he'd get tired easily and lies down. Normally, he's very active and loves going for walks. He was hardly eating which the vet says is because of pain. I've had so many tests done on him, and they all come back normal. He's had x-rays and ultrasound done, he had his prostate examined and they say although it's a bit enlarged, he does not yell.

Peewee is a chiguagua mix, about 8 years old, 20lbs and not castrated (they thought it could be his prostate but he doesn't yell when examined so they held off on neutering him). He's also been given antibiotics (Zeniquin 25mg) already. Vet also thought it might be his back so they prescribed him steroids called Prednisone (5mg) tablets which he is almost done with (have to slowly wean him off them) and he's currently taking Tramadol (50mg) and muscle relaxants (Methocarbamol 500mg).

Yesterday he ran out of his pain meds and had to wait til this morning to get more and i've noticed that his stomach tension comes and goes. He's eating more now because vet said prednisone increases appetite. I've had 3 different vets (including internal medicine) and they can't figure out what is wrong with him.

These are the tests they've done so far:
urinalysis/urine cluture & MIC (UTI/Cystitis) -Antech
Prostate exam

If you have any suggestions, please let me know. I'm so worried and I can't afford to keep running tests on him.

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With the last symptom, I agree that it sounds like a problem with his back.

Also going to echo keeping him on crate rest, but slightly modified from what I read it's better to keep them in a small pen (like an exercise pen that's not opened all the way) rather then a crate since it's easier for them to turn around in the pen.

I know this is geared towards dachshunds and not chihuahuas but the information in it is great. Back Problems - Waggin' Tails Miniature Dachshunds
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