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dog smile survey

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I'm french vet living Tokyo
As part of my university degree in veterinary psychiatry, I would describe the canine smile, what our dogs want to say to us when they smile?
If you have a smiling dog or had one , please fill this quiz
science need you !!!!!!
thanks a lot...
Science need you :):):):):):):):):):):):):)
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Hmm, I wanted to do the questionnaire but I feel like it could be a little more specific. For me, a closed smile and a toothy smile are very different. A closed smile to me means the dog is relaxed and happy, whereas toothy is often an aggressive warning. Wasn't sure how to answer the survey!
thanks pacificBlue for your question
i agree with you , there are 2 kind of smile but for me , toothy smile can show happiness too.the difference between aggressive and joy attitude is the body.In aggressive face that for me is not toothy smile, the dog is stiff, without mouvement.In joy face, the body is relax, the tail is chasing.if your dog is not aggressive you fill the quizz
Cool survey. I strongly believe dogs smile!! Would love to know the results you get.
I tried the survey, but couldn't really answer all the questions. For me, Riley has two smiles. The first is when I scratch a really good spot; the corner of his mouth pulls tight, revealing some teeth. The second is when it's summer and he's in the sun. I call it happy dog face, but considering it's only when it's warm, I gather it's really just a normal dog panting face. I still think it's cute, though.
I answered as best I could, but agree with the above posts. But here's a pic of my smiley girl!


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