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Alba Kennel Club (member of Romanian Kennel Club) organizes: CAC-August 17th, CACIB-August 18th, DacMoloss Club-August 17th and Mioritic Club-August 17th.

Complete information about the exhibition can be found on our website: Expo

Registrations can be entered on-line: Înscriere on-line / Expo entry form or using the registration form: (which will be send by e-mail: [email protected] or fax: +40 358 819 883).

Entry fees payment of can be made thru online services (, banking (Asociatia Chinologica Alba, CIF 15772530, bank account EUR: RO67 BTRL EURC RT00 6636 0101 -Banca Transilvania Alba, SWIFT BTRLRO22, Alba Iulia, Calea Moţilor 2-4) or cash of the association / exhibition site.

All participants in the exhibition will enjoy a welcome dinner at Alba Iulia in the evening of August 17.

You're welcome.


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