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Dog passed away. Maybe overdose?

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My dog of nine years passed away last week.

She had been unwell the last year or so, she would heave and be sick most days but was getting better. And two days before she passed we brought her to the vets. Where she was kept over night.

He had said there was fluid in her lungs when vet did x-ray. That morning he said he was going to give her injections every 2 hours to clear the fluid and for us to pick her up at 5. Around 2.30 we got a call saying she was dying.

The vet said she took an episode and couldnt breathe and basically the fluid surrounded her heart and killed her.

My mother mentioned the vet maybe have over medicated her with the injections. Now I said no, but once a thought is in the head it's hard to get it out. Of course the vet isn't going to say he over medicated her with the injections.

Just wondering some thoughts. Cos its wrecking my head.
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Your vet sounds like they did the best they could for your dog. It's tough letting go but I don't think this was the fault of your vet. Sometimes there's just nothing left they can do. No vet wants to see this outcome-it was a hard day for them, too.
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I think your right. Just when someone puts a thought in ur head you think about it. I think he tried his best. Just so hard when its sudden. We knew she was ill but not dying ill if you get me. Thanks for the reply
I'm so sorry about your dog, you must be heartbroken.

If it was Lasix that they were injecting then the dose and frequency was most likely right. From what I've been reading they determine dose and frequency by how severe the symptoms are. Lasix For Dogs | Veterinary Place
Sorry for your loss. I think your vet was doing the correct thing. Most likely your baby had heart failure which causes fluid to build around the heart and fills the lungs.
Please don't feel badly toward your vet,I believe he/she was doing the best for your pup.
Thanks for the reply. Very nice of the advice.

I shall say on the x ray scan the day before her heart was good , it had actually strunk in compared to last year
First off, I would like to apologize for your loss, I know it sucks.

And sounds like the vet did the best they could. If your dog's lungs were failing, then chance of survival would have been very unlikely, the chances of recovering from an episode like that are slim.

Again, so sorry for your loss.
I'm very sorry for your loss, it's a very hard thing to go through. At least she isn't suffering. If your dog was given Lasix I believe it is a relatively safe drug. My GSD Nevada who passed last year, was on it as a pup before her heart surgery. My grandmother took it too.

Anyway, I'm sure the vet did everything they could to help her, again, I'm sorry.
Thanks for the kind words everyone.

Just prob the shock of it all. Being told to collect her and then few hours later she was dying.

It's so hard for me. I'm young but it's like losing a daughter if I had one.

Thankfully we stil have a part of her here with her daughter being around, but she misses her mother
I'm sure it's a blow. It sounds like my friend who's dog went through congestive heart failure. He was diagnosed "by accident" and was fine for 2 years. Then one day it was just bad. He got better and then worse about 3 times over 3 weeks....he finally passed away just a few weeks ago. Things like that are just so hard to diagnose/understand.
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