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Due to certain circumstances my father had to receive a Red Poodle puppy from a breeder just yesterday; and our family doesn't have any experience of sorts.

I would like to ask if there is any alternatives to Dog potty pads given that my country local pet shop doesn't sell any (it is an Islamic country where they are more fond of having cats; so related products are limited). Given similar experience from having Guineapig before, I know that newspaper won't be capable of being absorb liquids as dog pads do.

Currently she is placed in a dog crate, I free her time to time because I knoew that it must be boring to be trapped in a limited space with limited entertainment (food, water, and perhaps a Knotted rope for dogs?) I personally would like to let her out permanently so she can walk around the house freely however it is not allowed so given the puppy only pee+poop outside the crate (in my room, kitchen and livingroom so far). Just just now I saw this video on youtube so it'd be great if I am capable of carrying this out for the puppy

Not possible to leash him outside the house either because we live in terrace house, not only are there no soil within 5 or 10 minutes walk but also there are atleast 7 cats and I've seen one which is bigger than average-sized pillows ; not to mention that I also have to attend my college everyday from 2P.M. to 5 P.M. and only able to reach home at 6 or so.

Any tips or advice are greatly appreciated, for those who are interested in knowing the country I live in- Brunei Darussalam
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