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Acute Abdominal Pain
If your dog's stomach is tender to the touch or looks bloated you need to take him to the vet right away. These could be signs of gastric torsion, where the stomach flips itself, sealing off entry and exit intestines. Other signs include lack of appetite and vomiting. This is an emergency situation because if left for any amount of time gastric torsion can lead to death. This affects large dogs with deep chests mostly, but any dog can be affected.
Continuous Convulsions
If your dog is experiencing seizures that won't stop he needs to go to the emergency vet's right away. One or two seizures merits a visit to the regular vet's ASAP, but continuous convulsions require immediate attention. These could be the result of poisoning, brain tumors, or epilepsy, and often can lead to death if not immediately treated.
Car Accident
Even if your dog appears to be ok after a run in with a car he still needs to go to the vet immediately. There could be internal injuries that you cannot see which may need emergency attention. Wrap your dog in a blanket to prevent shock and take him to the emergency vet's quickly.
Difficulty Breathing
If your dog is having difficulty breathing a variety of things could be wrong, from an obstructed airway to heart problems. Whatever the case difficulty breathing is a serious indictor that something major is wrong, and you need to take your pup to the emergency vet's right away.
Hopefully your dog will go his whole life without experiencing any of these traumatic health problems. But if he does, at least you'll know that by recognizing the signs and taking him to the vet straight away, you helped him as best as you could.
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