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Dog Limping

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I have a collie/roller mix who is 10 years old and is walked off leash everyday. The past few months we have noticed that maybe once a week or so about an hour after our walks she starts limping. (Back left leg) sometimes it will continue for a few days but then she’s ok again for another week or so. I tried resting her for a few days and she was ok for awhile and then it started again. She walks and runs fine but then has this limp after resting. Help!
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It could be any of a number of things. Without seeing her nobody can say. Has she seen a vet?

If not, go soon - everything is easier (and cheaper) if you can solve it small before it becomes more serious.
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It could be a sprain or a strain, arthritis, an impact injury, a corn or nail damage, osteosarcoma or goodness knows what else. It might be in the foot, the joint, the shoulder or even her back.

You may find treatment is very cheap with appropriate painkillers - but you do need a vet to diagnose her, nobody can tell from the description of an intermittent limp.

Please don't try to home remedy with painkillers, not all are suitable for dogs and dogs metabolise medications differently so you can't just dose by weight either.

But dogs are very stoic regarding pain, so you owe it to her to have it checked.
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Are you making fun of me?
@Laco is a long standing and well respected member, I'd be very surprised if they were making fun of you.
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