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Dog Limping

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I have a collie/roller mix who is 10 years old and is walked off leash everyday. The past few months we have noticed that maybe once a week or so about an hour after our walks she starts limping. (Back left leg) sometimes it will continue for a few days but then she’s ok again for another week or so. I tried resting her for a few days and she was ok for awhile and then it started again. She walks and runs fine but then has this limp after resting. Help!
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Ours has arthritis in her right front, leg, or shoulder or?? She won't tell me exactly where, but its intermittent, and when its bothering her, its most noticeable after she has napped or been off of it for a period of time. She will limp for about five or ten minutes, then seems to be OK. Again, I have asked about this, but she remains secretive, so I continue to speculate.
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