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this may not be any kind of big deal...I know I tend post a lot of topics in this forum that end up being "nothing" ...but my dog worries me so much...

Nika is a 6-y/o 53lb GSP/Pit/muttly mix, no history of lameness issues whatsoever, save a sprained toe a couple years ago which resolved itself quickly.
the both of us are very out of shape right now, but one of my big New Year's resolutions was to get myself & my animals back into good fitness, and I'm finally really starting up w/ that.
we went w/ my mom on a ~7 mile hike in the nearby state forest on Sunday, about 2 hours over flat terrain. I did not realize the trail was so long! we did not have a map, but the sign stated that it was about a 4 mile loop...unfortunately we did not realize that it would take us several miles of walking just to reach the start of the trail proper.
Nika was off-leash, and was really tearing around the forest. I know this was quite a lot, probably too much, to start her back into regular exercise w/...but like I said, I did not realize it would be such a long hike. it's not as though she's been sedentary or anything -- we live on 5 unfenced acres so she spends a lot of time outside, and I have been playing w/ her & wearing out every so often, though not as much as I should.

anyway, we went on this long hike, got back in the afternoon, and she was POOPED the rest of the day, but seemed otherwise fine.
on Monday, the first half of the day she was noticeably a bit "stiff" behind, though not exactly limping or anything. I made her rest all day, and by the second half of the day she seemed to be 100% fine. I chocked it up to her just being a bit muscle sore after such an intense workout the previous day.
yesterday, when we first got up in the morning, walking out of my room she took a couple VERY stiff steps, but then stretched herself out & following that seemed to be moving w/ total normalcy.
by the afternoon yesterday, she was starting to get very hyper & energetic again, so around 5pm I took her outside & gave her a good workout, really wore her out, playing w/ the lunge whip. THIS is a lunge whip -- basically a very looong whip (mine is about 6') w/ a looong lash which is used for lunging horses. for the Noodle dog it basically functions as a giant "cat toy" -- I run it along the ground, jerk it up, shake it, etc, and she chases it, leaps into the air going after it, etc. a very energy intensive workout.
she was completely fine, sound & energetic, no signs of discomfort, while playing & immediately afterward. however, a few hours later she was SEVERELY lame on her left hind. like practically hopping, avoiding putting any weight on it at all. it was a bit strange though, because she was only lame like this while she was chilled out & just slowly meandering around the house. if she got hyped up or excited by anything, she did not hesitate to walk/run/jump around appearing to be almost fully if not fully sound on the leg. then after she'd calm back down & just slowly move about the house, she would again be very severely lame.
I am far from being any sort of canine lameness expert, so I did not attempt to stretch/manipulate the limb in any way lest I do more damage, but I did palpate ALL over her left hind, all the joints, everywhere, and I thoroughly inspected her paw. she showed no sensitivity to pressure in any area, and her paw looked fine -- nothing wrong w/ her pads or toenails, no splinters or sores in between her toes, nothing like that. she can be very stoic about some things, but normally when it comes to being touched in any way that causes her even the slightest discomfort, she is a HUGE crybaby. so I'd think that if it was hurting her at all for me to palpate her limb, that she definitely would've let me know.

this morning she was slightly off on the leg for a very short while after we first got up, but quickly seemed to work out of it & at this point appears to be completely sound from what I can tell.

I am going to make her rest & take it very easy for the next several days, and by the weekend if she is still having any problems at all, I will take her to the vet as soon as possible early next week.

but of course...until then, I'm really stressing out about it. =/
I could give her tramadol and/or meloxicam if she's in pain...but since she's showing zero signs of discomfort at the moment, obviously I'm not going to do that now.
I just hate knowing that there may be something wrong w/ her, and feeling like there's nothing I can do to help her right in this moment.

so...I guess I just wanted some opinions...maybe to put my mind at ease, or at least give me some ideas...
does this sound to y'all like something that could be serious??
or just "normal" muscle soreness maybe???
I really hope it's not serious. the Noodle dog loves nothing more than to run & jump & fly through the air. if she were no longer able to do those things because of some injury that will cause long-term issues, her quality of life would definitely not be the same. :(

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I'm sorry about your pup! It's so hard to suggest something because it could be SO many things. I would definitely take her to the vet... if it's a tear or something like that, you don't want to make it worse. :(
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