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Two weeks ago, Oscar seemed lethargic. I had been working a fair bit of overtime, and thought he was just in need of some extra attention. We went in the yard to play together. He gave a loud yelp as soon as he left his front feet. Within an hour, Oscar began to lose coordination in his back legs. I rushed him to the emergency vet in our area. The vet told us the issue was spinal, but it would be impossible to know the cause without an MRI (which run about $3,000). He prescribed meds and advised low activity and confinement for a few weeks. By the next morning, Oscar lost all function and feeling in the back half of his body. We scheduled the MRI. Oscar stabilized; getting no worse, but no better. After some long emotional days of run-around, I was told surgery was a risky option with little likelihood of benefit. I was distraught to find out he would never walk again; but satisfied knowing he could live out a happy life with a cart. I had seen and heard of plenty of dogs living happy functional lives with their “new normal”, able to play and enjoy their remaining years. It would mean lots of work, manually expressing his bladder and bowel, late night cleanings and the inability to leave him at home for more than a couple hours.
We would really appreciate the help.
Anything helps!


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