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I have 2 dogs, Stella and Charlie. Charlie is quite a bit older than Stella, as he is 10 and she is 3. They used to get along very well, but lately Stella has been becoming kind of possessive over me and trying to push Charlie away. She will stand in front of my bed and stare at him so that he can't come up, and if he tries it sometimes leads to a fight. They are both small and easy to separate, and I never see them fight other than when it's for my attention, but it still breaks my heart.
Charlie is a very anxious dog, while Stella is pretty confident and extremely friendly to people and animals. But she has sever attachment issues regarding me, as she'll cry endlessly if I leave her outside when I go into a store. She's constantly glued to my side and complains when she isn't. Charlie has been my dog for years and I adore him, I don't want him to feel like Stella is pushing him out with his old age. They are both my babies and I want them to get along! (whither they really do for the most part) this has only been going on for about 2 weeks and I'm growing more concerned with Stella's strange behaviour.
Thanks for your time
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