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Hi I hope someone can give advise.I have a 2 year old border collie.She us 57 days pregnant im a first time breeder and I think im doing OK.

I have set up her whelping box using vetbed and headlamp,I have bulb syringe,gloves towels,aprons,puppy stim oxygen ect ready fir the birth.I also have a vet in standby.

My biggest concern is I have had 3 scans done and been told the same there are to mamy puppies to count they are guessing between 8_12! Im hoping they its the smaller end of that scale.How do I know all the puppies are out im so afraid one will be left in and us think they are all out.Should I have an xray done.I want to avoid this as I dint want her put under and vets are not worried 🤔

Also she seems small not very massive if that makes sense for them to be saying sje is packed with puppies.Any advise would be great.

Also my neibour is a breeder and will be sitting in on the birth with me.
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