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my 2 year old chihuahua mix has these weird episodes. all she wants is for someone to rub her belly. the second you stop touching her belly she starts to freak out and wants the closest person to her and she cries until you touch her belly again. she will sit there and look around like she’s crazy. rocking back and fourth, just freaking out until you rub her belly.
these episodes happen anywhere from an hour and have lasted as long as 6-7 hours.
the are unpredictable. the look on her face in terrified and it’s almost like you can just see right threw her when you make eye contact.
sometimes she won’t have one for a week, but then she will have one everyday for 3 days. she doesn’t want to eat while she’s going through one.
she’s been having them since we adopted her at 12 weeks.
please someone help.
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