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Dog has red in white of eye.

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Hi all,
Newbie to the forum here.
I'm just seeking some advice if anyone has any experience with redness in the whites of the dogs eye, I only noticed it due to the direction he was looking and it's unnoticeable normally.
He's a 6 year old chihuahua crossed with something like a pug or a bulldog, we rescued him a month ago and in the last couple of days he's been neutered, had some very wobbly dew claws removed and had some teeth taken out. He's on doxycycline due to suspected tick fever (but his levels are now back to normal) and he's on some painkillers due to his recent surgery.
I'm not sure when this has started but it's pretty bright blood red and he keeps rubbing his head on the ground.
I'd call the vet but it's 10 at night here in Hong Kong and he seems to be fine despite the red eye.

Any help is really appreciated!


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Hi Sarah!

The red in the eye could be a number of things. The most common would probably be a popped blood vessel, allergies, or an irritant in the eye. If you have a saline solution at your house you can try flushing the eyes, but otherwise I would just leave it alone and see how it looks in the morning.
Hi Buster!

Thanks for replying :).
Yeah I think it was irritated in some way, it was his first day with a cone on and he'd been rubbing his face on the floor so I think he might have got something in it as it's all looking good now!
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