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My dog injured his ACL. The surgery looked really invasive and our dog is older but in good health.

I went to a clinic that does PRP injections. At first the dog was doing really well but then he was doing so well he was jumping up and down from the couch and what not. I bought baby gates and tried to correct his behavior but I was getting no support from my significant other who was just letting the dog do whatever he wanted.

Now the dog is limping badly again and appears to be in pain. This is now the 5th day after the injection. I'm really irritated at SO (though its not totally his fault as he was on meds for his back injury) and I'm staring to worry that in just a few days we have allowed the PRP to be useless.

I'm really frustrated and annoyed in general dealing with a broken partner and dog. Anyone else out there have some advice or has been through the PRP with their dog?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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