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I have a 7 year old maltese x shih tzu who has recently lost access to our backyard where she was trained to go potty (irrelevant reasons, but the yard is no longer usable). I bought a puppy pen and put puppy pads in it, and have been attempting to train her to potty there but no luck. For three weeks I have been taking her to the puppy pads (on a leash) when she wakes up, and then every two hours after, rewarding her every time she sniffs the puppy pads (sprayed with a puppy potty training spray) and using the go potty command. I reward her maybe 3 or 4 times before I give up as I don’t want to over feed her treats. Even after consistent effort, she has been going potty anywhere in the house accept the area I’ve made and It’s wreaking havoc on my house as there’s no where else she can go. Am I doing something wrong? She’s even started hiding whenever I try take her to the puppy pads or whenever I get her leash out. Keep in mind I haven’t had her for long and am new to training but trying to read up as much as I can.
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