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Dog Forum Infraction Policy

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Due to the increased frequency in incidents on the forum over the last month, we (the Dog forum Team) have been discussing how to handle the situation.

We have decided to put into effect a policy clearly laying out the consequences for breaking our forum rules.
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The policy is as follows:

-Spam and trolling can result in an immediate and permanent ban.

-Other rule violations will result in an infraction and warning via PM.

-Upon receiving a second infraction, a member may also be given a temporary ban lasting 1 week along with a final warning.

-Should a member break the rules a third time, then he or she may be banned permanently!

-We do reserve the right to ban without warning for any offense we deem deserving of such a consequence. Such situations are rare but can and do happen. These are typically due to (but not limited to) vulgarity, extremely inflammatory or argumentative posts, or the creation of multiple user accounts.

We are aware that many of you are quite concerned about the actions of others. While we do understand the concern, everyone should be aware that another member's actions are not an excuse or justification to behave badly in response.

In addition, a member giving advice that you don't want or don't agree with is NOT against the rules, it's part of how this process works. However, anything considered harmful or dangerous by a moderator, or that otherwise breaks our forum rules, is subject to removal!

We would like to remind everyone to use the report feature to notify us of an issue. All members are also welcome to PM to a Dog Forum Team Member or post in the "Talk to the Team" section to privately discuss issues on the forum with us. These are far better options than posting snide comments, arguing, or sending PM's badmouthing other forum members.

Please also know that once a Team Member steps in to stop an argument, all are expected to do exactly as asked. Any problems or concerns (with the action/decision of a Team Member, with another member, etc.) are to be handled by PMing a Dog Forum Team Member or posting in the "Talk to the Team" section of the forum, NOT on the open board. This is not negotiable.

We are aware that this new policy may seem harsh, especially to our regular and long time members but please know that we have not made this decision lightly. A great deal of time, thought, and discussion has gone into this new policy. It is our hope that the result will be a much friendlier forum that all can enjoy!:)
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