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My dog had been constantly scratching at her ears and she had a foul odor coming from them.

I took her to the veterinarian on three different occasions concerned that she was suffering from ear infections.

He would do his check up and see that my dog’s ears were free from infection and I would be sent home with ear drops to put into her ears due to allergies.

After a while my dog started biting at her paws until they were raw and would swell from irritation along the nail beds, between her toes and on her feet.

With another trip to the veterinarian it was revealed that she was suffering from allergies due to the food I was feeding her.

I was given more drops and a special wash for her feet. I was also sent home with a veterinarian prescribed bag of hypoallergenic dog food.

Well that didn't go over to well with my little pooch. She would not eat the new food.

I tried mixing the food with a soft food, i tried softening the kibbles with some water and I even tried adding a bit of homemade chicken broth, but nothing would work.

The veterinarian kept saying that she would not starve herself so I stopped mixing the foods and just left in her bowl.

My little one was doing just that, starving herself!

After 2 weeks, I got really concerned and I was very scared for my dog so I went and put her back on her favorite food.

Her chronic skin irritations kept going on and I was frustrated to see my dog still suffering.

I took her to a different veterinarian for a second opinion and I was given another brand of hypoallergenic dog food.

Again, she would not accept nor eat it.

I had enough! My dog was suffering; I was spending a lot of money on veterinarian bills, medications and dog food purchases that my dog just wouldn’t eat.

I kept thinking to myself “maybe this type of dog food was too hard for my aging Maltese’s teeth.”

So, I tried her on a few cans of hypoallergenic wet food,shocked to find out that she did not like that either.

There must be something in them she just doesn’t care for.

I decided that my dog was not going to settle and frankly I was tired of spending money on foods only to have her turn her nose up to it.

I researched raw diets and I made a list of different products available hoping that I would find something that my dog would enjoy.

The first brand I got was an immediate winner – It was a brand called TruDog’s Feed Me. The first bag I bought was Crunchy Munchy Beef Bonanza.

It is a freeze-dried dog food that is made with 100% USA farm raised beef.
Organs, muscle meat, bone and blood. The 2nd bag I bought was the same brand, but it was turkey instead, she ate it okay, but 6 months later her preferred flavor is still the beef.

I will never know why the other didn’t make the cut, I really do wish she could talk sometimes but if I had to venture a guess it would go back to the basics she is a dog and they are carnivores.

In the end, my little Maggie is enjoying nutritious meals that she absolutely enjoys and I am at ease knowing that she is not suffering anymore. She is now back to her healthy old self.

There is no more scratching, no more ear odors or whimpering due to all the scratching she was doing.

Her swollen toes and paws are all healed up as well. She is active once again and very content. And now I get a little dance when I pull out her bag of dog food.

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Do you feed her any other protein at all? Because what I would be worried about is this is her main source of sustenance and it's completely beef, which is great and all, but it's one type of protein source. That can easily cause an allergic reaction as anything else.

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That's awesome! Raw is always a great choice for picky dogs who have allergies. I agree with Cymmie on switching the proteins up if possible-maybe do a rotation of non-bird proteins? I looked on the brand's website and it looks like they also offer a lamb recipe-maybe rotate between the two proteins. Again I suggest keeping away from chicken and turkey as well as duck, pheasant, goose, and quail meat because poultry and game bird isn't always a safe choice for ear itchiness. If you're interested, you could also try adding another brand that's very similar that has other protein options-specifically I have the brand Primal in mind. So you could do the lamb and beef from TruDog and then do Primal's rabbit, venison, and pork foods. Anything to reduce sensitivities in the long run.
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