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I got an allergy test done for my dog and it seems nearly impossible to find a food she can eat.

She is allergic to:

Flax (Is this the same as Flax seed???)
Green Peas
Poultry Mix, Chicken & Turkey

With the allergy test came a list of "approved foods." HOWEVER, these foods have PEAS or pea protein in them! Or Chicken Meal! I don't understand how they are listed as an "approved" food!

That allergy test was done through "spectrum." I just ordered an allergy test kit from "Glacier Peak Holistics" to do an additional allergy test because I am not trusting the one that was done through the vet. And I have heard excellent reviews about their allergy tests (plus it is much more reasonably priced that the vet's allergy testing).

I just started feeding her The Honest Kitchen Love Dehydrated Dog Food with Ranch Raised Beef. Only problem is that it has "flax seed." Her allergy test specifies she is allergic to "flax." Is "flax" different than "flax seed?" Additionally, the price point of this food is high for us, but we are willing to sacrifice eating for a week so the dog can eat. :rofl:

The only other food I found that she can have is Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Formula Dry Dog Food. I really don't like the thought of feeding her lamb because I am against killing baby sheep.

I do NOT want to do canned food. We are willing to do dry or dehydrated foods.

This has been really tough trying to find a food she can actually eat!

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