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Dog eye problem

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on Saturday, my dog all of a sudden started getting watery/red eye. We woke up Sunday, and noticed the other eye looked like it was getting the same way. We took him to the vet. He looked at his eyes in the dark. He thinks it's an infection/allergies/conjunctivitis. He asked if we wanted him to do an eye pressure thing, but he was going to have to put him to sleep because of how much our dog hated everything he was doing. So I said we would try the drops.
We've been doing the drops for a day, but he's still squinting and what not. Has anyone else had this happen? How long does it take with the drops?
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If your dog is not showing any other symptoms besides red eyes, then continuing the drops a couple days more may be the best option. You can try talking to your vet again, to see if it could be anything else. Infections take some time to clear up, so make sure that your dog isn't irritating its eyes with rubbing, dust, ect.

Some breeds are more prone to eye problems then others. Older dogs are more prone to eye problems as well. What breed is your dog and what age is she?

I hope she gets better soon.
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