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Dog Eye Allergies

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So, my chihuahua/min pin mix, Niles, has always had seasonal and grain allergies. He takes it out on his poor eyes by scratching and digging at them. He is on medication, but does anyone have any ideas of non-medication relief I can give him? I tried cool compresses but he grits his teeth like it hurts him. I dont want to just put stuff on his eyes without knowing what's safe :eek:
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My holistic vet recommended homeopathic eye drops that walmart carries. There are different types, one of them for allergies. They may help. I'm not sure of the brand and can't get to the bottle now. But if you are interested I can get the name later. I'd also look into something to help boost the immune system. Seeing a holistic vet could be helpful.
Is he allergic to pollens as well?
My dog has a contact allergy. So I limit his time outside during summer. And I never let him run around in tall grasses. But pollens spread so easily..
If you are interested, I wrote a blogpost about Charlie his allergy journey.. The link to my site is in my signature.. I would love to hear from you, since it's not that common!! I can use all the tips and tricks in the book :) !!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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