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Dog eats socks

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My girlfriend and her sister have a dog and my heart breaks every time I am there because they keep her outside, never ever take her for walks and only feed her once a day at night.
She isn't allowed inside because she eats socks and they had to get an expensive operation on her so that she was better again and do not want to have to pay for another one.
I take her for walks myself as much as possible but I can tell when its night time she is so cold and she whimpers and scratches on the door. I really want for her to be allowed inside again but I don't know how to go about getting her to not eat socks, it would be difficult confining her to the laundry or something because she is always so erratic and crazy when you spend time with her due to her never getting walked or any attention. (Apart from when I am around)
Please help and suggest ways I can get her to not eat socks because it really breaks my heart and she is so lonely! :(
Thank you! Any advice is appreciated.
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Poor dog. I'm wondering, too, if she has adequate shelter outside. Maybe you could at least get a crate and bring her inside at night. Here's a thread on crate-training:

Note that you can't just throw a dog into a crate. It does involve a little bit of training, but sleeping inside would be a far better alternative than leaving her out in the cold.

To be honest, all I know about your girlfriend is that she neglects her dog. The problem is NOT that the poor dog has eaten a sock, but that your girlfriend seems to care so little about the dog's welfare. I hope for your sake that she has some redeeming qualities and that she'd take better care of a child should you two decide to become parents. You seem like a really caring person. Good luck to you.
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