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Hi All,

My 7 year old beagle was sedated yesterday by a new vet surgery to do a blood test and trim his nails.

When he got home he was extremely tired despite them saying they’d only sedate him a little, was drooling and we only fed him half his dinner as they suggested.

This morning when we let him outside he ran and went to poop straight away but cried while pushing and a little yellow diarrhoea came out. He then ran to another spot and did a big yellow poop and cried so badly after it! He tried to push a couple more times but nothing came out and cried a little both times.

The vet is closed until tomorrow so just wondering if anyone has experienced this before? Could it just be a side effect of the type of sedation they used?

He has been lightly sedated many times before at other vets for tests etc as he can be hard to handle, and he’s never been this dopey or had any issues afterwards

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