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Dog coughing after meals and randomly

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My ~13 year old goldendoodle was been reverse-sneezing/couging after eating her breakfast and dinner the last 5-7 days. It is very short lived and doesn't seem to even stress her out, but it is a new behavior.

I take her on daily walks and 1 out of 3 walks she will pull, hack, then spit up a small amount of foamy spit. But then continue on her walk and normal, silly behavior.

She has started "grunting and moaning" when she lays down, as if she is getting comfortable. This is new behavior as well.

Other than these, she is 100% normal. Breathes fine, still plays like a puppy without issue and no other change in behavior or demeanor.

Has anyone experienced this? Is this just maybe "getting older behavior?" My vet is on vacation until next Friday so I thought I would ask here first. Of course, if this should change or if I thought she did need to see another vet I would be there in heartbeat.

Thanks for any advice!
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I would suggest watering down her food, as my greyhound tends to cough after meals too. Call your vet if this odd behaviour continues.
I was able to get her into the vet yesterday. He felt around her throat and she did cough a bit when he did. He said the dog's heart sounded very strong, but since she is older it could be fluid around the heart - which will be the next step if the antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications don't work after this week. She got excited when I got home today and did cough up a lot of water. She seems to play outside just fine without issue, so I hope the meds to their job and this is all there is to it.
Lets hope its a simple medication controllable problem.
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