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Dog changes behavior when I'm not around ?

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Hi all! I have made a few posts about my pup here, so I'm sure some of you have gotten to know Pax.

I am wondering if what is going on is a common thing. When I am home, pax is very relaxed, usually on his bed or at my feet, chewing on whatever toy is closest. When I walk him, he walks right beside me in a well behaved heel. But whenever I leave him at home (and it's never more than a day or night), I get texts from my mom saying he's terrorizing the house, running full speed inside, jumping up on everyone, tearing up a pillow, jumping out of the backyard, wont go in his crate (he voluntarily goes in when I'm home), walking terribly, growling at strangers, growling at the guinea pig, the list is endless. But as SOON as I'm home, he acts like nothing happened. They take him on as many walks as I do, they follow my instructions and even carry a treat bag but to no avail.

Could this be a lack of respect? A form of separation anxiety? I know my mom has WAY less patience than I do and is probably pretty high strung towards him, could that energy be feeding off onto him?

I'm at a loss.
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Some people don't have the confidence to handle dogs very well and certain dogs seem to feel that and take advantage. It's like they know they can't follow through or enforce the rules so it becomes a free for all. I know some dogs also just don't listen to people other than the one they're bonded to.

My dog Echo is very well behaved with me and some people. But if she senses weakness in someone, she doesn't listen to a word they say and runs around like a little psycho. She just thinks it's a big game. But as soon as I walk in, she's calm and well behaved again.
Your mom probably simply lets her get away with more than you do. Our dogs behave completely differently when they are home alone with my husband (sleep, very calm) vs when I am home (insert circus music here).

I do activities with them that I need them to be engaged, driven, and free to offer behaviors. My husband prefers that they just hang out. So guess which behaviors we both reward? There's really nothing more sinister than that.
We have the opposite. My MIL is very strict, and the dogs respond by acting a little nervous, and not so happy go-lucky.

The dogs are crazy with me, because I'm the super fun one. :D
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Agreed on the person problem not pet problem. You may want to go to a training class with your mom so she can see how to handle a big, active dog. Dogs seem to love to act up and test limits with others.
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