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My oldest and smallest female chihuahua has been being so mean to the other dogs, mostly my boy thats her age , well 4 months behind her. She growls at him so much, i think she is resource guarding me and the food and couch? He doesn’t usually respond he just stands there, hes very submissive on a rare occasion he will show teeth and even growl with that some times. Lately when she growls at him when he is standing on the floor and she is on couch with me i put her on floor and him on couch, i read that or told by someone before but idk if thats the correct thing to do. Lately i feels its gotten worse and im sure being home bc covid is not helping, she spends all day with me, and is the baby for sure, smallest, oldest, first “child” , is not as able as others so she gets carried bc she cant get everywhere like the boys can. My other boy she isnt as mean to, not as often anyway and hes not submissive, he likes to challenge me even what I mean is he is grumpy.. when I first got him he was couple of few years old and i was in the kitchen making dinner and i slid him over so gently with my foot and he latched onto my toe.
Early in the morning before I leave for work he will be sleeping usually under a blanket and i will go to get him, talk to him or pick him up and he will growl at him, like he doesn’t wanna get up and certainly go outside. If i want him to take medication or do anything he doesn’t want to do he will growl at me. He has bitten me several times over the years ive had him. Ive been working with him and hes getting better! Just mostly growls at some stuff now no more biting. And his growling isnt as long he quits sooner. So my main issue i need help with is getting my baby girl, i want her to be nicer.
Also i have a question about so the boys will bicker sometimes and growl at each other sometimes and I always say to them be nice , they stop. And they do fight sometimes i say something to them and they stop. Im wondering if i should let them growl at each other and bicker or no? I mean I want them to be able communicate but i want them to be nice and not hurt each other , which never have they hurt each other! When they growl at each other its over diff stuff food, one comes close to other or moves and disturbs other (so it seems to me anyway) and bones
Which bones dont get left out.
They each get 2 bones a day all fed (greenies & CET) at same time so not one has one and not other, they all finish them in short time. So should i allow this or no?
Im considering it and wondering bc like i said they need to be able to tell each other what they like and dont like and in the future i will get another dog, when I’m down to two dogs (which i hope is years away bc i love my babies) and its going to be a pitbull puppy, so they boys (im assuming they will be the ones “left”/ plz no judge im sure this sounds worse then i mean it) so they boys need to know they can tell another dog whats ok and not, so kinda preparing them for a big dog.
The boys have both been around my moms American Pitbull Terrier and did great, which they dont live together which obviously is different and then goin to my moms and us all hanging out and goin for walk , and will be a diff pitbull
Anyway im sorry this is so long, any help is appreciated

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