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You hear your neighbor's dog barking again and are wondering why he does not stop the dog from barking. You do not realize that your neighbor has tried everything that he can think of to stop his dog from barking. So after talking to your neighbor about the barking dog you decide to try to help him out and research the internet for tips and suggestions. Here are four tips on how to get your neighbor's dog to stop barking.
The first tip that you can give to your neighbor is to have you over more so the dog will not bark at you when you stroll out to get your newspaper in the morning. This does not mean to invite yourself over, but do it as a subtle suggestion to help the dog get used to you.
The next tip that you can do is walk over to your neighbor's house to check on the dog. The dog could be barking constantly because something is wrong or your neighbor is sick. If this is the case you would want to praise the dog for his hard work and effort at alerting you.
The third tip would be to help your neighbor out and buy some toys for the dog that your neighbor can give him. The giving of toys will help your neighbor by giving the dog something to play with instead of barking at everything.
The fourth tip would be to talk to the dog. Talking to a dog that is barking at you may sound odd, but you have to remember that a way that dogs communicate is by barking. So he could be trying to talk to you, but because he was never taught how to talk and not to mention unable to talk he will take to barking to carry out his conversation.
A barking dog can be annoying especially if it is your neighbor's dog and you live within a close enough distance that you can hear it through the walls, but you have to find out why the dog is barking. If your neighbor's dog is barking for the proper reasons then you will want to praise the dog for his efforts at alerting you to the problem. However, not all the time will the dog be barking for the proper reasons so you will want to talk to your neighbor and possibly use one or all of the tips mentioned above.
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