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So, yeah posting a lot, first day and all want opinions, advice!

my dog is a great guard dog, barks when people walk past my apartment, which is ok with me because im by myself till August!

Now i want him to only bark once, so i know i need to train him to speak then i can train him to be quiet. My question is how?

I started during tonights session when someone walked by my apartment and he talked, so i had treats ready stood up and said speak, then rewarded him. Well that caused him to bark more... duh... so im not sure if i was doing it right. I have no idea how to get him to speak otherwise, i did try "speak" then barked at him and he bark back. Should i do that?

OK well, how do i train speaking... then what do i do for the next step of quiet? So everytime someone walks by he doesnt just bark a lot, one is good, or until i tell him quiet is the goal.

ONE more thing! If im walking him and we get to the stairs going up to my apartment or my door, if someone is on the stairs or near the door he barks at them. What can i do for now to get him to stop since he doesnt know quiet yet? cause it scares people...:eek:
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