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We are a roadside house and our dog (border collie/pomeranian x) aggressively barks whenever he hears and can see motorbikes, garbage trucks or the postman/postwoman (drives an electric buggy). This is generally at home, but also if he sees the vehicles whilst we are out for a walk.

We have tried a few options, including:
-introducing him to the postman/postwoman and her buggy
-attempting to get his distraction prior to him noticing the vehicle (e.g. we see the garbage truck starting to drive down our street, and we try distrac him with cheese)
-today I bought out his tug toy, which worked pretty well, he took to it pretty agressively. it was like he was takiing his anger out on the tug toy, not so much that i felt unsafe, but something i will continue to try.
-closing the blinds in the lounge so he cant see the vehicle (he hears it and goes behind the blind)

We have tried a shock collar, however this isn't an option im so comfortable using. i would much prefer to use a more humaine option. With the shock collar he still gets aggrevated, however with limited barking. Barking collar has not taught him much other than not to bark whilst he wears the collar.

Wondering if anyone has any hot tips!


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Try something like an empty yoghurt carton, smeared with squeezy cheese or meat paste, or wet dog food. When the postman or garbage truck approaches get him to lick it - he can't lick and bark at the same time. While he is doing that, introduce and keep repeating a cue word like ”good quiet”. In time you will be able to gradually fade out the yoghurt carton.

And please do get rid of the shock collar. Some dogs power through the shock so you have to make the punishment more and more severe, some dogs redirect their behaviour on to something else, like destructive chewing and some dogs just shut down - none of these are good.
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