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Dog attacked by skunk!!!!

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Hello everyone,
Please help me. I’m really in difficult situation. Today morning I noticed my dog lying in the backyard with a wound in its leg.I guess it was attacked by a skunk. Will skunks bite dogs ?. I have heard that they carry rabies. Is it true? I took her for a shower and washed the body with water and soap. Is it important to consult a veterinary doctor?. My pet is feeling good now. I don’t want this to happen and I want to evacuate the skunks from my home as early as possible. Can anyone suggest me some tips? My mother told me to consult an experienced wildlife relocater. I have heard about A -1 Checkmate Wildlife Removal. Do anyonehave experience with them. If yes please share your experiences. Thanks in advance
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Anything will bite in self defense. Are you sure it was a skunk? Generally, you'll smell a skunk, it'll spray if it was that stressed. Can you post a pic of the wound?

Probably worthwhile to take a trip to a vet, if nothing else for piece of mind.
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Thank you for the advice jagger. I will surely post the pic.I'm sure it's a skunk. I felt its foul smell.
rabies is a very rare disease. 20 rabies cases in animals per 1 million people (US). It is very rare that animals catch it any more.

Take your dog to your vet. Infection is probably a bigger risk, vet may be able to give rabies booster.
Hard to know after the fact, but any animal, skunks, raccoons etc. will defend themselves if they are or feel threatened. As far as rabies, yes most of the local wildlife is capable of carrying rabies, but around here, and I assume where you live too, the law requires that we keep our dogs current on rabies vaccines, so that should not be something you need to worry about.
To the vet for antibiotics to protect against infection. We always boost a rabies vaccine to protect the dog and owner since rabies is ths only deadly zoonotic disease.
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