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Hi all,
This is my first time posting. We have 4 dogs , all of them rescues. We have trouble with 2 of them even though they get along in the house.
Our 3 year old Rat terrier is dog aggressive. We have a hard time walking her because as soon as she sees a dog behind a fence or on the street she goes berserk. We got her from a shelter in SC. She is very , very smart and a quick learner. She knows a lot of tricks and loves to play. She also pulls on the leash a lot.
Second dog is a rescue from a neighbor. He has been locked up in the yard all of his life and was never socialized. He is very afraid of males. I assume he has been mistreated but I'm not sure. He is a Yorkie mix, very hyper and excitable. So every time we walk the dogs he reacts to men the same way the rat terrier reacts to dogs.
I have watched a million youtube videos and tried everything I know to get them to behave. I called one trainer here locally but he claims he does not use positive reinforcement so I'm reluctant to take them there.
Any advise on how to change their behavior. We would love to take them out to more places or have company once in a while.
Thank you so much in advance.
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