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Fitz- 11 week old miniature pinscher male
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First of all, DON’T FEEL GUILTY.
Not every dog will match your personality, home, skills, ability, and even personality- and that’s OKAY. It’s a reason why we love dogs- they’re individuals. And if you’re not TOTALLY on board to rehabilitate an aggressive dog, you need to find someone who can. It’s part of being a responsible dog owner. It’s the RIGHT choice.
Secondly, it’s totally worth another try. I would suggest perhaps purchasing a dog from a reputable breeder- that way, you would get a health guarantee and lifetime support. It’s more money at the outset but potentially worth it for pain and suffering.
A lot of dogs at shelters DO have behavioral issues- if you do adopt, you would have better chances going for a younger puppy, one that fits your expectations. Or, you could go to a well-reviewed shelter nearer your home.
Not everyone is able, mentally, physically, financially, or emotionally, to rehabilitate a dog with existing behavioral issues. That’s okay. You’re okay. It’s going to be okay.
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