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Does my dog secretly hate me?

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Hi everyone,

I hope this is in the right place, but we have had a pretty disturbing incident today and I need some advice.

So Humphrey (pug) and Huck (boxer) have their bedroom in the utility room. Humphrey has a cage, for which there are two reasons, the first is that it's too small for Huck to get into so Humph can have some time out alone if he needs it and secondly because he's a skirting board chewer so when I go out I pop him in there. Huck has a regular plastic dog bed and spends his days snoring in it for the most part!

Today I was in London for the day at an exhibition and my OH was at work. We have a dog gate across the utility room door because the boiler is in there and it gets too hot to have the door shut when the pooches are in there. Huck has never ever tried to get over this gate and has never paid it any attention whatsoever, he has never known any different since the day he came home as a baby.

Apparently, today was the day for the gate to die. Humphrey was tucked up in his cage so could have had no influence on the situation, Huck at some point annihilated the gate and commenced a house party for one. That in itself is not the problem, but he has gone upstairs (which he knows he isn't allowed to do under normal circumstances) gone into our bedroom, defecated on a pile of my clothes waiting for the wash, jumped on the bed and urinated, almost pointedly, on my side. Obviously, carnage had ensued in terms of ripping toilet roll, baby wipes, paper and a throw to shreds, but my OH's clothes and side of the bed were, for the most part, untouched, as were the children's rooms and beds...

Is Huck trying to tell me something? Or is it just coincidence that my clothes looked nicest to poop on? And my side of the bed the choicest spot for a cheeky wee?

I love Huck to distraction and I thought that was mutual! But now I'm worried that maybe something is really wrong and he actually secretly hates me?
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He definitely does not hate you. It's just a coincidence that our pattern seeking brains like to find when our dogs are naughty. You got it right, he just had a house party for one, no ill will meant toward anyone or anything in the house, he was just being a dog :)
I really doubt Huck 'secretly' hates you. Dogs are pretty much what you see, is what you get, they are pretty honest, and in my experience don't have much in the way of secrets. I completely agree with the previous comment of, what you saw, was Huck simply acting like a dog, with no ulterior motives beyond the moment. Don't read more into it, at the end of the day, he is a dog, and he acted like one.
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