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I have had an Am staff/lab/spotted mutt type dog for the past five years and she is a teeth grinder and always has been.

I have mentioned it to a couple vets over the years and they both have pretty much shrugged it off. They said her teeth are fine, nothing misaligned, broken, or rotten so I should not worry.

Well not only can I not help but worry that there is some reason that she is doing it, but holy cow its like nails on a chalkboard. It is one of the worst noises I have ever heard, it sounds like she is eating rocks.

I have heard from someone in the past it could be digestive so I added a probiotic power on top of her food, changed to sensitive stomach food and that didn't do anything.

I know its not stress because she does it sometimes as we are going to sleep and there is nothing to stress over, she does it walking around the house, after yawning, sitting and staring at me, outside sunbathing. Basically there is no particular time she does it consistently.

I was just curious if anyone else has ever had this with their dogs. Did it ever go away? If so did you do anything that made it stop? Also, and most importantly, did it ever lead to a health issue later in life?

Thanks in advance from my stinky mutt :)

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