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Hello all.
I'm looking at these 3 dog breeds
Doberman or rottweiler or Giant schnauzer

Any recommendations which one would fit for children 6 and 8 years old.
I'm looking for good watch dog.
Good with other dogs.

I read that the Doberman tends to pick one person at the family and can be dominant.
Rottweiler breed mentality is family pack.

Both of these dogs shed seasonal.

Gaint schnauzer needs clipping low shedding to none.
Giant schnauzer is family pack mentality and high level of following commands vs the other as average.

I did a comparison based on this website

Anyone can tell me there experiences or recommendations for pet companion.

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Hi. Welcome to the forum. :)

What do you mean about wanting a good watch dog? A good watch dog is a result of specialist training as well as breed characteristics, and apparently, Rotties might look the part, but they’re more likely to show a burglar to the family silver than they are to protect it. A dog bred to guard the family but not perfectly trained (and we’re talking specialist protection training here - not simply puppy classes) is just as likely to attack a paramedic, or a fireman or police there to save yours and your family’s lives as it is to protect against an intruder.

What can you offer a dog? Love and companionship aren’t good enough. Think in terms of walking, training, playing, grooming, mental stimulation.

How much experience with dogs do you have? If you’re using a comparison site, I’m guessing you don’t have much - and honestly, if you’re using a comparison site, I doubt you have the skills and knowledge to train or handle a guard dog.

Think too about your image. How sociable are you? Rightly or wrongly, people have breed biases, and are likely to cross the road to avoid you with either the dobe or the rottie.
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