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Taken from Newscentral Website

This happened recently to someone I know.

They were attacked one evening at Dogs Trusts Loughborough Centre when they entered a kennel to feed one of the dogs. They were completely on their own and had no protection other than a radio which they couldn’t get to, the dog was a Central Asian Ovcharka.

Dogs Trust had assessed the dog as dangerous believing it had been used for fighting and were concerned it could cause a lot of damage to someone and had considered it to be unrehomeable.

This information was NOT shared with staff.

The member of staff who was attacked also wasn’t told the dog had tried to attack a colleague the day before.

Months later they tried to raise staff concerns so nobody else would ever have to go through what they did. Staff at this time were unknowingly working with dogs that had been involved in near misses and accidents and were still not being told.

After raising concerns they were asked to attend a meeting to discuss their possible dismissal.

They asked their colleagues for help and the other staff gave witness statements saying they were afraid to help for fear of repercussions from management and for fear of losing their jobs.

They were then dismissed from Dogs Trust. They have been left devastated their job meant everything to them.
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