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So excited!!! Taking Karma out to a disc comp this weekend. Sadly she still thinks chasing plastic is stupid, but planning to take her anways since it'll be a good opportunity to work her around other dogs. Poor Abby has to stay home because her allergies are acting up again and poor thing is miserable and furless on her butt....

Well aside from that I get to play with my friends BC's! He needed a partner for Paris and asked if I wanted to try and of course I jumped at that opportunity! So super excited to give that a try!

Also just got a new SD card for my camera so I'm totally ready to get lots of amazing shots!

Only thing that sucks is I have to get up probably 2 hours earlier so I can pack the car(knowing me I'll put it off till tomorrow morning) and take care of the animals I'm petsitting (3 different families). Anyway really looking forward to this weekend!
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