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Hi, my name is Charly, and I am a 16 years old trying to raise a miniature poodle mix that can't walk.

My dog's name is Teton. His original owners dropped him when he was a baby so he now has a brain injury that prevents him from walking for the rest of his life (Can't control his limbs).

Things have been great for about a month, and now he can't ever stop barking. I have a routine down with him for meals and for playing/exercise. We go outside frequently so he can go potty, and when it's too cold we use the pee pad in the garage.

He gets lots of love, and he's usually vocal when he needs to do something. But lately he just seems to bark at everything and nothing all the time.

I'm at a loss at this point, where I don't know what my dog wants from me or is trying to tell me. I keep thinking that something is bothering him like an infection, or that he might be depressed.

I've tried socializing him with other dogs and all he does is snarl and try to attack them. I play with him for hours on end and he ends up gnawing on my arm or barking into the abyss.

At this point I want to take him to the vet since he hasn't acted like this ever with me before, but I also want to make sure that there's not a need I'm missing of his or something I'm doing wrong.

Any advice would be great :)

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Definitely get him checked by the vet to rule out medical problems, but I really think that you might have taught him that barking is good.

One thing about dogs is that they are very good at figuring out what works to get them what they want and to do that. In your dogs case I think that he might have learned that barking is what works so now he does it over and over.

It might have went like this.
I'm hungry, "bark!", YES, Charly brought me food!
I'm thirsty, "bark!", Charly brought me water!
I've got to go potty, "bark!" Success! Charly brought me outside.
Now those are all useful and a good reason to bark, but then it gets bad.
Hmmm, no one's pet me in 5 minutes, I wonder it barking would work... "bark" no one came, better try harder "bark, bark, bark!!!!!" Oh, here comes Charly, and she's talking and petting me!"
I'm bored, and you know what barking is kinda fun.. "bark, bark, bark, bark, bark!!!!!" Hey, here comes Charly, I wonder it she'll play with me... "Bark!" Yes she is!

See how it gets bad? To get him to stop your best bet is when you know he's not in pain, not hungry, thirsty, or needs to potty, to ignore the barking, then when he's quiet for 5 seconds, and trust me those can be some very long seconds that turn into a minute or more when you need to keep reseting the count, pay him lots of attention. You need to teach him that barking for attention does not work, but being quiet does. Also make sure to give him lots of love and attention when he's just chilling out and not barking.
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