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Hello everyone,

I am Kai, and I live in the Netherlands. For quite some time now, I’ve been looking into different breeds of dogs and their characteristics but I keep getting back at Tervueren Shepherds, with whom I grew up and have fallen in love ever since. Their intelligence, sensitivity, work-ethic and gentleness really appeal to me. I am really looking for a dog that is eager to please and strongly attaches to his handler (being aloof to strangers would be a good trait to me)

I would really like to train and “work” with a dog (rescue work, tracking, agility, obedience, swimming, you name it). Especially rescue work really appeals to me. not necessarily competitively, but more as a way to really build and strengthen our bond, enjoying our time together, learning in the process and exploring the world together. Mainly, I think I am looking for a friend with whom to grow and learn with and go on adventures together, that can tag along wherever I go.

I've been reading up on the differences between working line and show line Tervueren are but I was wondering what your experiences are? What do you perceive as being the main differences between the two? Both in terms of personality and training. Are there differences in how much they're focused on their handler? I've heard that working line dogs are "harder", what exactly is meant with that? And what about an "off-switch" (when socialised and trained properly)

I would love to hear your take on this!
Thank you a lot in advance!
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