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Diet can be a powerful tool in the fight against pet cancer.

We all fear that awful “C” word. It’s a feeling of helplessness when a beloved pet has the unfortunate diagnosis of cancer. When pet guardians come to me for advice on how they can help their pet recover from cancer, the first thing I address is diet. An individual’s diet is the basis for all health and the building block for recovery from any illness.

Cancer results due to a failure of the body’s immune system to respond to abnormal dividing cells and an inability to stop their growth. There are many theories as to why cells begin to grow in a cancerous manner. Some causes may include stress, inappropriate diet, radiation, genetic mutations, toxins, chemicals and other substances that disrupt healthy function of the body.

Diet Changes For Cancer Recovery
  1. Eliminate highly processed foods, including the traditional kibble
  2. Avoid preservatives, artificial colorings and additives
  3. Choose freshly prepared foods that are naturally rich in anti-oxidants
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